Smithville United Church

Sunday Service

Sunday Mornings at Smithville United

At 10:30 am the children’s ministry kicks off. A time of crafts, food, singing and a story for the smaller set.

Come early, relax in the sanctuary. Pick up a bulletin, catch up with friends and watch the video announcements as they show you what is going on at the church in the coming days and weeks.

At 10:30 am the sanctuary is the place to be. After an interlude by our accompanist, Rev. Judith welcomes everyone and we begin. Then candle lighting helps remind us the God is the light of our lives.

Over the course of the morning service we sign both traditional hymns and some contemporary favorites that we are all getting more familiar with singing. Our choir delights us all with their anthem for the week and on weeks when the choir does not sing, we have an abundance of talent in the congregation to sing or play or both.

Scriptures, often read by a lay reader, form the basis for Rev. Judith’s message that week

Our Prayers of Thanksgiving and Concern not only touch on praying for those within the congregation who need our prayers, they also focus on today’s issues within our region, province, country and worldwide. Of course you are always invited to bring your own personal concerns to God, unspoken. We end our time of prayer with the Lord’s Prayer to bring us all together.

All the while our media group are playing the service highlights and well as lyrics to some songs we sing on the overhead screen. Occasionally, we may play a video or run a slide show to support Rev. Judith's message or to highlight the work of groups within the church.

Rev. Judith's message connects scripture and biblical stories to what is happening in life today or perhaps to the present church season. His word will give you food for thought that you can take with you for the week ahead. A number of times a year we will have a guest speaker or an individual/group within the church will lead worship.

We are invited to participate in giving to continue God’s work within the church. Monthly house members collect the offering and we bless it thru prayer that it may be used to do God’s work.

After a final hymn, we are encouraged to go forth into the world and spread the good news of God’s love.  Our choral benediction is chosen from a group of favourites that most everyone knows by heart. The rendition that we sing can be very inspiring and a perfect way to send you off on your upcoming week.

At least twice a month, morning service is followed by a coffee hour where all types of sweets, cheese, crackers, veggies and what not are presented for your enjoyment in our lower hall. Of course, coffee, tea, juice and a great time of fellowship are also on the menu.

Sound like fun? An hour that will do your heart good? Please join us at 10:30am

In July and August we meet in the lower hall at 9:30am. Service is very casual and the drinks and goodies are always on.


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